Epiphany 3

The call. Being called to something. God’s call on our life. Answering the call. Christianity, more than other religions and philosophies, has this language of call.   In the Old Testament there are call stories, occasions when people are roused from bed or called off of their current life trajectory by the sound of a... Continue Reading →

Feast of Stephen

Good King Wenselus looked out, on the Feast of Stephen. That was the first I had ever heard of this day. “What’s that,” I asked my mother. “It’s the day after Christmas,” she said. After doing some research, I discovered who St. Stephen was, the first martyr of the church. What a dreadful thing, I... Continue Reading →

Proper 27

This sermon is indebted to remarks made by Tom Long at a preaching conference  One summer on the shores of Prairie Rose Lake, my friends and I were playing in the gritty sand and greenish water.  We were having so much fun that we didn’t notice thick, black storm clouds rolling in which herald a... Continue Reading →

Proper 26

I have been writing a lot of cards recently.  Two young women I know in Council Bluffs were confirmed a couple of weeks ago. Many of my friends are preparing for their priestly ordinations. The invitations for our own Beth Preston’s ordination are being printed. As I sat at my desk thinking about what I... Continue Reading →

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