The Fifth Sunday After Pentecost

Jesus has come with the same chaos ordering agenda as his Father.  He is helping his followers and, indeed the world, become a new creation. Up a creek without a paddle. Lost at sea Rutter-less These are terms and expressions that connote the feeling of vulnerability that water travel gone awry can bring. If you... Continue Reading →

The Fourth Sunday After Pentecost

Jesus’ parables invite us into a ministry of creative kingdom building. We are called to be agents of imagination and practice finding the “third way.” When political dysfunction leads to human suffering, Christians are called to find a way that transcends power disputes. One of my favorite human beings on the face of this Earth... Continue Reading →

Easter 5

There is a wonderful story floating around Facebook. It’s a video put together of a young man and Pope Francis.   Children in a rough part of Rome had been taking catechism classes.  They were learning about the bible, theology, and mission.   Sometimes when we do this, hard questions get stirred up in us.  ... Continue Reading →

Easter Morning

Here we are on Easter morning. Like those women at the tomb, this morning makes my voice catch and leaves my tongue slack in my mouth. For centuries preachers across our faith have been left with the task of preaching resurrection This is a morning that is at the periphery of explanation. We cannot quite... Continue Reading →

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